DICE has ported battlefield 4 over to iOS


DICE has been able to successfully port parts of Battlefield 4 over to iOS, the developer has revealed. While DICE stresses that the project is only a tech demo, the first screenshots of the shooter running on a tablet were revealed earlier this morning showing the game’s Rogue Transmission map rendered on iOS.

The team at Frostbite, the gaming engine behind many popular console titles and more recent mobile games, today published a blog post showing off a tech demo of the graphically demanding Battlefield 4 console game running on an iPad. The company previously showed off what the Frostbite engine was capable of with the Battlefield 4 Commander app and the Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare tech demo it showed off at WWDC, but the Battlefield 4 tech demo was made possible thanks to some big graphics improvements courtesy of Apple’s new Metal graphics API.

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