Did the Audi bike concept designer realize he used the Mercedes logo for the wheels?


Audi Bike Concept

Last year, Audi started showing off its e-bike concept, a high-tech 50 MPH electric bike with carbon fiber and built in WiFi. The cool two-wheelers made its rounds through the blogosphere and tech shows and inspired many to think outside of the box with bicycle designs.

Georgian designer Vladimer Kobakhidze was one of the inspired and designed a concept folding bike with the Audi logo proudly emblazoned on the frame. What Kobakhidze may or may not have done intentionally was to use the Mercedes Benz famous three-spoke logo as the wheels of the bike.

Mercedes Logo

It’s all harmless, but fun to point out nonetheless. Here are some other images of the interesting design as well as a video.

Audi Bike

Audi Bike Wheels

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