@Digg founder @KevinRose trolls Reddit, does an AMA, then goes to Alcatraz

Rose Alcatraz

It was either one of the weirdest things the Digg founder ever did or a brilliant troll move against the community that helped to kill his former site.

First, an AMA (ask me anything) was posted in the popular r/IAmA subreddit followed by the link being Tweeted out by Rose to verify its validity.  3,000 upvotes and 1,181 comments later, Rose hadn’t answered a single question. The Reddit account, oddly enough, was created 5 days prior to the launch of Digg V4 in 2010, and has not posted or commented until this.

Some believe that Reddit contributed to the demise of Digg after the V4 launch when Reddit links were spammed across the front page and sidebar sections in the crucial early days when the algorithm was most vulnerable. Others believe the disaster of V4 contributed the most to Reddit’s meteoric rise in late 2010 and throughout 2011 as former Digg users migrated over. Perhaps both are true.

Two hours after posting the AMA, Rose Tweeted an Instagram shot from Alcatraz without answering a single question asked of him on Reddit.

Today marked a fresh start for Digg as the new owners, Betaworks, launched V1.

What do you think?

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