Diving mask snorkel with built in camera


Diving mask snorkel with built in camera

Some of us are prepping for the Holidays in the cold and snow, while others are preparing for a flight to a warmer destination. Not everyone enjoys the Holidays in sleet and snow; some much prefer beach and sand. Not to mention the ocean, that is usually a highlight of any hot spot vacation. Snorkeling and seeing the world beneath the water is breathtaking, you almost want to share every colorful fish with all your friends back home and now you can easily without intruding on your personal experience.

The Liquid Image 3.1MP Explorer Series Camera Mask can be used for snorkeling or swimming in depths of 15 feet. The built in camera takes professional high quality photos and videos that you can impress your friends and family back home by uploading easily to your computer or by saving your memories on an SD card. The diving mask camera comes with a carrying case, SD card slot, USB cord and editing software so you can do touch ups before you hit send or share.

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