DIY Star Wars snowflakes


DIY Star Wars snowflakes

Making snowflakes as a kid is one of the best memories I have as a tradition during the Holiday Season, I like being crafty and making any type of art that I can hang puts a smile on my face. That is why learning how I can turn what use to be an ordinary snowflake into one that replicates that of a Star Wars character or figure is one craft I am yearning to learn.

A site which provides downloadable PDF’s of how you can make specific Star Wars snowflakes, anthonyherreradesigns, will display an impressive collection of Star Wars snowflakes that you can either download individually or if you are feeling “strong with this one”, the entire collection.

The example snowflakes are amazing and stunning to look at; one can only wish to make such an admiral collection of Star Wars snowflakes to hang from ceilings and windows. If you have the artsy gene this is certainly an interesting project to take on, perhaps one spent by throwing a Star Wars snowflake party or taking it on with your kid’s, either way, it will be memorable and a ton of fun. No need to travel to a galaxy far, far, away for this one when you can do it yourself.

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