Does 275 webOS layoffs mark the end of HP tablets?


Meg Whitman HP

When Meg Whitman declared late last year that WebOS tablets would be made again in 2013, the concept was met with hope by developers. As a newly-released open source platform, webOS on tablets would allow faster advancements than what can be done strictly in-house, so it made sense that the company whose financial fortunes are in doubt to release some employees from the division.

The releases occurred today, but it wasn’t what most expected. Rather than simply software people, many of the 275 employees released worked on the hardware side. That’s not a good sign of things to come for HP, webOS tablets, or Whitman herself.

Indecision and lack of commitment towards a direction have plagued the company for years and Whitman was supposed to be the visionary with the leadership necessary to return the company to former glory and beyond. The clock is ticking as this news follows a release of her pay package totaling $16 million.

Is Whitman’s vision going to be enough to turn HP around?

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