Don’t watch this video but admire the science behind it


Coin on Treadmill

It’s a coin on a treadmill. That’s it. The coin is rolling on a treadmill for over an hour. There are a few notes of “exciting” things that happen below, but otherwise, it’s just a treadmill with a coin rolling on it. For an hour.

Now, think about the science behind it, though. That’s where there’s at least a bit of coolness. If you were asked if a coin could roll on a treadmill non-stop for an hour, you’d probably say it was possible but it would be hard to get the speed adjusted to just the right point to keep it from falling off either end. Not so!

Here are the spoilers:

06:09 to 08:50 attempts with another coin, all failing 10:12 an almost successfull attempt 10:50 failed attempts 15:13 a hand 15:24 a Parker 20:44 other attempts 24:08 a black ball 27:04 a white ball 38:48 Parker 39:09 a red straw 41:26 a laptop 41:50 camera moves 42:01 A CAT!! 52:47 camera moves, showing a window 53:08 fingers 57:12 coin falls off 57:47 threadmill stops 58:27 Parker draws conclusion and lesson about life. Thanks for this action-packed adventure, Parker!

Well, that was exciting.

* * *

(Via: Neatorama)


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