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Drchrono wants to put your health records on Google Glass

Electronic medical record company Drchrono has built what it calls a “wearable health record” and sees the application being incorporated into Google Glass for use in hospitals and clinics, Reuters reported. The startup, based in Mountain View, aims to meet the growing demand for Glass use by doctors and surgeons. After given permission by patients, doctors who register for the Drchrono app can record a consultation or a surgery and upload the videos, photos and notes to the patient’s electronic medical record, according to the article. The information can even be stored in Box Inc’s online file-sharing platform.

Google Inc’s futuristic eyeglasses are finding their way into hospitals and clinics throughout the United States. To meet the growing demand for Google Glass from physicians, Drchrono, a Mountain View, Calif., based electronic medical record company has developed a new application for the device it claims is the first “wearable health record.” Doctors who register for the Drchrono app for Glass can use it to record a consultation or surgery with the patient’s permission. Videos, photos and notes are stored in the patient’s electronic medical record or in Box, a cloud-based storage and collaboration service and can be shared with the patient on request. Dr. Bill J. Metaxas, a podiatrist based in San Francisco, warned fellow physicians to take precautions before using Glass, such as obtaining patient consent and “locking down security settings.” He also said Glass is no more or less secure than tablet devices such as the iPad, which are routinely used in clinical practices.

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