Driverless technology: Google gets behind the wheel

Driverless Car

The future is now. At least, that is what we will be saying when the driverless automobile takes to the roads. Google has been testing its driverless technology with the Toyota Prius on the streets of California and with so much success, Nevada has approved America’s first driverless license. Like the futuristic ride Will Smith sported in I, Robot, vehicle technology has proven to be safe, effective and automatic.

Does this mean that Google will invest in its own line of automobiles or will they stick to the technology game? With the rising platform of Google innovation, there is no reason why Google should stop at just sensors and cameras. This innovation is truly the beginning of something truly spectacular; or is it?

As an understanding but skeptical person, I find the idea of driverless automobiles cool but also counterproductive. The phrase “The world needs bus drivers too” will no longer apply when the bus can drive itself. Why are humans in such a rush to put themselves out of work? Will we find every possible way to make machines do the things that we don’t want to do? Is it that dangerous to be human that we need a computerized nanny to watch us carefully? There was a time when hitting the open road was an adventure worth taking. Between GPS and 4G Wi-Fi capabilities there is no longer any mystery to the cross country expedition; the adventure has lost its luster.

Google driverless car operating on a testing path (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is in the nature of humans that we find a better tomorrow. Tomorrow is coming a little quicker than we anticipated I think. Tomorrow is being wasted by media junkies and techies. What will the thinkers at Google say when a computer is created to do their job? When will humanity take a deep breath remind itself that there is a reason why we think in the first place?

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