Duracell Powermat commercial brings up a good point


Duracell Powermat

The product isn’t new. The concept has been around for a while. The need will be around for much longer if we don’t look more closely at it.

Power. It’s the one thing that nearly every device, gadget, and piece of equipment in the world needs. We get power from different sources but in most cases the end result is either combustion, electricity, or both. There is no shortage of power potential (between solar, wind, natural gas, and nuclear, potential power is virtually limitless), but there are two things that are preventing us from transcending current power challenges:

  • A reliable and affordable method to tap into the various power supplies
  • A power grid and delivery system that can deliver power appropriately everywhere in the world

Now, to the commercial. It definitely is a commercial and we’re not getting paid by Duracell to deliver it. However, it does demonstrate in a pretty clever way some of the challenges even within a metro area with keeping the flow of power to our devices. If the challenges are present in metro areas, they’re exponentially problematic in less-developed parts of the world. While we definitely need to work on harnessing power, there needs to be more focus on delivering the power to the people. Duracell’s Powermat isn’t the answer but the concept of portable and attainable power is something that should be examined more closely.


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