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Time capsules are fun to reflect back on a time in your life something occurred; most people will do it in high school or on their wedding day. There are various forms of time capsules, some put memorable items they treasure within a box and bury it to have it dug up later in life to reminisce.

Others choose to create video time capsules or letters and since we are in a digital age it would be ideal to receive an e-mail from yourself in the future, and since we seem to hang onto our e-mail addresses forever this seems like an ideal option to recapture a moment in time or to send yourself some encouragement.

You can do just this with OhLife, a site that enables you to quickly and easily send an e-mail to the future you. You can choose any day (birthdays are a great day to give a gift to yourself), from 2013 till 2022, you can write to yourself and receive it via e-mail on the day and year that you choose without being spammed, already millions have done it, will you capture today?

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