Early Toy Story 3 Review Suggests Pixar Can Do No Wrong



Except Cars, of course. Nobody knows what Pixar was thinking with that one.

Okay, so if one wanted to get picky, this isn’t a tech story proper – but how many geeks do you know who don’t love Pixar movies? Yeah, thought so.

Which is why it seemed important to tell you that, though we associate sequels with things like Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, word on the street is that Toy Story 3 is another Pixar masterpiece.

CNET reporter Daniel Terdman got access to an early screening in California and he seems mighty pleased:

Pixar, yet again, has managed to turn animated silliness into top-tier filmmaking that tugs our heartstrings, that makes us laugh time and time again, that gives us white knuckles, that will appeal to kids and their parents–and even those without children–and yet, unlike most of its competitors, manages to do so without stooping to scene after scene with little more than tired scatological jokes.

After the smashing critical and commercial success of Up, it looks like Pixar has another winner on their hands. Sure the ‘be true to yourself’ message might get a little tired sometimes, but it seems geeks everywhere have a summer movie to look forward to.

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