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Easi-Speak PRO USB recorder simplifies chatting online

Easi-Speak PRO USB recorder

Chatting online has long advanced from simple text to voice and video chatting; even MSN will soon bid us a farewell as its presence has become outdated due to VOIP tools such as Skype. We not only like to easily connect with friends and family near and far via our computers and tablets but want them to hear us loud and clear.

Today’s computers come with built-in cameras, speakers and microphones (which by the way was once a luxury for those youngens out there), but it doesn’t take a pro to realize before long that though they are great to have they do not necessarily do the purpose any justice, the quality is just not up to par.

If you are in search of audio equipment that not only allows you to record, play, and download various audio file formats then the Easi-Speak PRO USB recorder is the device you will want. Not only does it go far beyond being a great quality microphone, it also allows you to record replay and download up to 4hrs of audio. It also includes an LCD menu screen for easy file management and editing since it also comes with the professional grade Audacity editing software.

No more fumbling with microphones or having to purchase a stand to keep the mic in place as the Easi-Speak PRO easily connects to your computer via a USB port. This advanced microphone will fulfill all your audio needs as it too comes with 128MB of memory, 2 buttons for record and playback, a screen that displays tracks, battery life, memory and record formats. You can also take this microphone mini editing suite with you as you go with its included belt clip.

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