Eliminate cord clutter with the circular power strip and surge protector


Eliminate cord clutter with the circular power strip and surge protector

We most certainly know by now that if you have an electronic device that needs plugging in it needs to be plugged into a power bar or something equivalent in the case that the power goes out or surges and in an instant can destroy your device. However, we are guaranteed to have more than one and as the pending Holidays approach, we are sure to gain some more.

Tangled cords are not only ugly to look at but are a mess to deal with when needing to move the plugged in device, it is almost as bad as untangling Christmas lights. That is why power bars in a rectangular form can become a messy hassle, although still a better choice than not having one.

The Kensington 62634 SmartSockets 6-Outlet 16 feet Cord Table Top Circular Color Coded Power Strip and Surge Protector is your ideal way of keeping your devices safe and uncluttered from your various cords. You can also choose to color code your electronics to the specific outlet so you won’t have to play guessing games as to which cord belongs to which device. The bonus with this product is that it has a 16 foot extension cord and comes with a $50,000 in connected equipment replacement warranty if anything were to go a rye.

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