Ellen Pao want’s a $2.7 million settlement from Kleiner Perkins


Elen Pao may have lost her widely-discussed gender discrimination trial against Kleiner Perkins, but it’s still well within her power to appeal the jury’s decision. Kleiner Perkins already offered to waive nearly a million dollars in legal fees if Pao agreed not to appeal the decision, but Pao doesn’t think that’s enough. In fact, she’s now demanding a $2.7 million settlement from the firm or else she WILL appeal the decision. 

Ellen Pao ended her gender bias trial against Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers in legal defeat — but with a new image as a feminist heroine. That new image will cost Kleiner Perkins more money. Pao has considered filing an appeal to the court case she lost in San Francisco Superior Court, and she and Kleiner Perkins are in heated negotiations over how much it will cost to get Pao to drop her plan. Kleiner Perkins is expected to file a court document Friday that will shed more light on the legal wrangling that has gone on behind closed doors. The filing will reveal that Pao recently asked the venture capital firm for around $2.7 million to drop her appeal, a process she set in motion earlier this week by filing a notice of her intentions, a source close to the matter confirmed to Mashable. The document to be filed Friday will show that the company also offered her a nearly $1 million settlement to end the case before it went to trial. Kleiner Perkins previously said it would waive the nearly $1 million Pao owes the firm in legal fees if she gave up her right to appeal, and the offer still stands.

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