Epic rap battle: Gollum vs. Smeagol



The rapper who rules them all is the sketchy yet well liked character known as Smeagol from the trilogy, The Lord of the Rings and although he happens to be loyal to his “master”, his alter-ego, Gollum is not so nice and wants the ring for himself and often refers to it as his “precioussss…”

The YouTube channel ExtremelyDecentFilms has crafted the two personalities to rap it out against each other in an epic rap battle that includes Wilson from the Tom Hanks movie, Cast Away and a really good Adam Levine impersonator. This collaboration has Smeagol “selling out” and not only appeals to The Lord of the Rings fans but to anyone who has a sense of humor.

This is a fantastic viral video that is sure to bring the pop culture loving Hobbit out in you.

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