Experience the exhilaration of a life size Formula One car simulator without the danger


 Formula One car simulator

Enjoy the thrills and the rush of a Formula One car without the fear of colliding into anything at 200mph. This life size simulator is not only designed to look like a true race car and through the use of high-end technology the driver will feel as though they were behind the wheel of a race car on a race track without ever moving.

As the driver, you will be in full control and will require you to take all the actions as if you were truly in the driver’s seat of a race car; you will need to hit the gas pedal to accelerate and hit the brakes when needed, not to mention the force you will feel within the steering wheel will be mighty.

Though this magnificent F1 car simulator is on the expensive side it is most certainly cheaper than forking out the cash for the real thing, so ultimately for you thrill seekers, this is truly the next best thing. It is also great for dealerships or businesses to add to events and allow people to socialize while having the time, or let’s say ride of their life. The company who has created the F1 car simulator, FMCG International, also allows customization to their simulators so you can add your desired colors to match your brand or logo.

FMCG International continues to work alongside race drivers to collect updated information to always continue improving on their simulators so you can literally feel like you are on a race track. The experience is enhanced as the participant sits in a genuine car with a full set of wheels and aerodynamics. You can bet that these Formula One simulators are built to last since many are ordered to be used in theme parks across Europe.

Formula One car simulator

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