Expressing emotions online


Expressing emotions online

Life can be a hard process, with many roads to ride, crosses to bear and obstacles to test your abilities to cope. Talking about how you feel is not always as easy to some in person; there is an alternative, share your emotions online.

We all have issues that arise, circumstances that occur in life that jolt us in ways that are difficult to express, it is easy to be happy and positive, it can be quite difficult to share the true realities of hard times. Even harder when others around you are dealing with the same issues, therefore social media has given us an outlet to express ourselves openly, with the likeliness of someone else understanding your experience.

The world has become a less lonelier place since we can now divulge our opinions and thoughts on things with others near and far, we don’t always need another person to lecture us or tell us how we should feel, we need people to relate to and to relate to us.

Times are not always going to be full of rainbows and sunshine, in fact many of us are looking for people we can simply be real with, through the best of times and the worst of times. We just need time and someone to talk to; thankfully social media allows us to have a voice and ears to fall upon.

If you need to express your emotions, you can share them as a status update, create a self-post on Reddit, you can write a blog post on how you feel or create a video on YouTube to share your emotions. You are not alone; in fact someone else right now somewhere is feeling the same as you. Let’s help each other through the hard times and social media can be just the place for us to do just that.

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