Eyefi integrates the Cloud into new Mobi SD cards

Last year, Eyefi introduced Mobi, a wireless SD camera card that used a peer-to-peer connection to transfer images from your DSLR or point-and-shoot camera to an iOS or Android mobile device. Today, Eyefi takes that concept a step further by pairing that setup with a new private cloud service, appropriately called Eyefi Cloud. It uses the same network arrangement to sync and share your shots between the card, mobile devices, computer, or smart TV. 

Though it may seem like all new cameras have built-in Wi-Fi, they don’t, and many, many more older cameras don’t have it, either. Eyefi’s Mobi SD cards, however, put Wi-Fi in any camera with an SD card slot, letting you get the shots you want with your camera and send them straight to an Android or iOS device for viewing, editing, and sharing on the go. The company’s new Eyefi Cloud service goes a step beyond that, syncing pictures across all your devices and computers as well as those of family and friends. In case you’re unfamiliar with how Eyefi’s Mobi cards work, you put the card in your camera and install the Eyefi Mobi iOS or Android app and wirelessly connect to your device by typing in a unique SSID number that comes with the card (you only need to do this once per device). Start taking pictures and the Mobi card will automatically send shots to your device.

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