Ezra Klein launches general interest site

Vox Media, the online publisher that runs SB Nation sports blogs, launched its general news site Sunday, providing a forum for renowned blogger Ezra Klein’s experiment in broadening explanatory journalism. Klein, who led The Washington Post’s public policy blog, Wonkblog, left to join Vox Media in January after he failed to secure funding from the newspaper’s editors for a new site., Ezra Klein’s general interest site that launched on Sunday night, looks a lot like the bastard child of BuzzFeed and Wikipedia. The site’s launch topics range from Obamacare to “Game of Thrones” and feature an eclectic mix of longer articles and listicles meant to help stories that normally appeal to insiders and experts find a wider audience. The site was founded with the hopes of serving the “vegetables” of journalism — stories about important but often difficult-to-understand topics – in a more appealing manner, and it’s already on its way to meeting that goal. Consider these yams candied.


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