Facebook AI could prevent you from posting unflattering selfies


How far can Artificial Intelligence (AI) go? Professor Stephen Hawking himself did mention not too long ago that AI, when it is refined and advanced, would most probably spell the end of mankind – which is a bummer for those who were looking forward to some sort of zombie apocalypse. Well, Facebook, being one of the most popular social networks in the world, would certainly have a decent repository of uploaded photos of selfies. 

At some point in the future when your drunken self will think it’s perfectly fine to upload certain embarrassing selfies to Facebook, the social network will be so smart that it will be able to prevent it. The company is currently working on such advanced artificial intelligence that’ll be able to determine the content of pictures beyond simply recognizing your face or the face of your friends, and tell whether you’re intoxicated or not before offering an automated advice against uploading a picture that the entire world could see. Yann LeCun, “a New York University researcher and machine-learning guru who now oversees the Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research lab,” as Wired puts it, wants to create such an advanced machine that’ll be able to offer guidance like a virtual assistant.

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