Facebook emoticons have arrived

Facebook emoticons have arrived

Express yourself in various forms on Facebook, from articles, photos, videos and now… emoticons?

That is right, Facebook quietly rolled out the ability to add emoticons to comments and Facebook Messenger (mobile app). However, these are the only two spots you will see them since emoticons will not be seen on status updates or through Facebook’s mobile app.

If you want to share an emoticon on Facebook it will be in the comments section only unless you are using Facebook chat.

Emoticons have been a form of expressing ourselves since the early days of messaging and are one visual form of response that has yet to disappear, clearly people like them and have often been used as another way to explain the tone of a comment.

Therefore, adding them may seem to some as a form of silliness while others will see the value that it has added many times in history of clearing up communication.

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