Facebook gets literal



Word on the tubes is that Facebook is about to drop live, in-browser video chat next week.

According to Zuck, Facebook will be unveiling an as-of-yet-secret, “awesome” product to the press at the Seattle office on July 6th. And according to those in the know, it’s more than likely Skype-powered in-browser video chat. So now not only can you be bugged in text format at random by friends acquaintances you don’t actually want to speak to, but now you get to look at them, too.


In all seriousness, though, this can only be a good thing for both Facebook and Skype. Skype could benefit from a kick in the userbase (is 170 million users big enough these days? No. No it is not.) and Facebook… well, consider we already spend about 87 hours a day each with an FB tab open. Can you imagine what it’ll be like once we can video chat? The economy will crash. Production will grind to a complete halt. It’ll be Google Pac-Man all over again.

So, do you think it’s true? That invitation graphic would seem to lend some pretty serious credence…

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