Facebook Insights: Why you cannot see them on your new Facebook page


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Anyone who has ever owned a Facebook page knows the value of Facebook Insights when used correctly. Most new Facebook pages could use the valuable insight when first starting out but what some do not realize is there is a stipulation.

In order for any new Facebook page to gain access to their free Facebook Insights to gain analytical data that can and will help target your audience and assist in providing you with marketable information to share with team members as well as use to market on an array of platforms, you first need 30 likes.


This might seem easy, since the average Facebook person has more than 150 friends, but you will be surprised at how difficult to get people to like a Facebook page and stick with it. Although Facebook profiles and pages use the same platform they are meant to be used differently in the intent that a Facebook page will attract more people to your business.

Therefore, if you have a brand new Facebook page and are unable to access your Facebook insights it may be because you do not have enough people who have liked it just yet.

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