Facebook is working on apps specifically for virtual reality


Facebook clearly sees the importance of virtual reality as evidenced by its acquisition of Oculus VR last year. How the company intends to use the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset remains to be seen but apparently Facebook is already working on apps specifically for virtual reality. This is according to Facebook’s Chief Product Officer Chris Cox who discussed the topic at the Code/Media conference.

In what was a surprising announcement early last year, Facebook revealed that they would be acquiring Oculus VR, the company behind the Oculus Kit virtual reality headset. Now it remains to be seen when the device would be released as an actual commercial product for consumers to purchase, but in the meantime it seems that Facebook has not wasted any time in creating apps for it. Speaking at the Code/Media conference, Facebook’s Chief Product Officer Chris Cox revealed that the company was working on apps for virtual reality. “I mean, virtual reality is pretty cool. We’re working on apps for VR.” Cox went on to extol the virtues of virtual reality and how immersive the experience is, and how eventually one day Facebook users would be able to create and send their VR content.

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