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Facebook Offers goes global

Facebook Offers goes global

As a Facebook fanatic, I thoroughly enjoy seeing new features arrive on Facebook that has a dual purpose, one that humanizes a business and makes a customer smile and BAM, Facebook Offers does just that.

We wrote about Facebook Offers when it first rolled out, letting you know that it was coming and now, it has arrived. Facebook Business pages should start seeing the ability for Facebook Offers on their Pages this week, the stipulation is you must have 400 “likes” or more for the feature to be enabled. However, many business pages have surpassed that number and therefore we will be seeing a whole lot of offers coming up in our newsfeed.

Not only are businesses able to provide an offer that will entice new clients or loyal ones to claim it based on it being a money saver online or in-store, businesses are able to add Bar Codes or unique codes to offers as well since it seems to be a high demand request by businesses.

Since Facebook Offers has been in beta for the past month, they have heard feedback from businesses that were able to test it out amongst their pages and the results should that targeting and advertising were key essential alongside the offers that made for success. Therefore they are making it easier for people to find offers that are more relevant to them.

Facebook is also adjusting the ability to use offers starting this week by requiring businesses include advertising and targeting as a part of using offers.  The proof is in the pudding as the Aria hotel and resort in Las Vegas became their case study in which with ads and targeted marketing increased their ROI by 5 times. That is impressive.

Targeting is important for your business to match properly with people who have a higher chance of claiming their free offer and using ads to gain exposure is ideal to ensure your money does not go to waste and that your business can see the benefits of what Facebook Offers can actually do to increase leads, sales and connections.

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Erin Ryan is a writer for various Social Media & Tech blogs and currently works as the Director of Social Media for the Internet Marketing Company, Wikimotive. Erin has a keen understanding of the power of Social Media for business and fervently stays up-to-date.

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