Facebook prepares to introduce its Facebook Audience Network

Facebook looks all set to introduce their Facebook Audience Network, which so happens to be a new kind of network for mobile ads. FAN will open the door for advertisers to think up of better ads, where these ads will target a specific group of audience in order to increase its effectiveness. Facebook begun to develop the Facebook Audience Network in 2012, although it experienced a temporary delay as the social networking giant decided to concentrate on other initiatives.

Facebook is scheduled to unveil their Facebook Audience Network (FAN), a network for mobile ads that will enable advertisers to come up with better ads for a targeted group of audience. The company started developing the network in 2012 but delayed it for a while to concentrate on more feasible monetary initiatives. On September 2013, Facebook announced that it is continuing on the network again and directly consulting with ad publishers and advertisers. During their Q1 earnings call, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg talked about this ad network development, saying, as quoted by Techcrunch, “Our initial efforts show a lot of promise and we’ve gotten good feedback from marketers.” This week, the company will launch this newly-created mobile ad network at their F8 developer conference.

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