Facebook tries to clear up misconceptions about its Messenger app


Recently, when Facebook launched its new messenger app and asked users to sign up, people went on a criticizing mode. While some asked the need for a separate messenger app when the official Facebook app could suffice, others said that the new app would access information, photos and even fire up camera to spy. But, Facebook came out with a written clarification refuting rumors and explaining the actual reason for introducing the application.

You’ve probably read the rumors by now: Facebook’s Messenger app records your movements! Spies on your conversations! Kills baby unicorns! Facebook wants you to know that it’s doing nothing of the sort. In a statement from Peter Martinazzi, a member of the Facebook Messenger development team, the social media company explains that Messenger doesn’t actively listen in or watch you through your phone’s on-board camera and microphone. Instead, it asks to use your camera and microphone so you can make audio chats, or send photos and videos to your friends. From the statement: “Like most other apps, we request permission to run certain features, such as making calls and sending photos, videos or voice messages. If you want to send a selfie to a friend, the app needs permission to turn on your phone’s camera and capture that photo. We don’t turn on your camera or microphone when you aren’t using the app.”

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