Facebook tries to engage its rapidly growing mobile user base

With the increasing number of Facebook users accessing via their smart mobile units, the company has recently unveiled two new apps to keep the avid users more engaged in the social platform. According to the first quarter report from Market Watch, Facebook now has 1.01 billion active users monthly that access the Web site using their smart mobile phones or tablets. Facebook reached this high mark in a year and a half since the social media mobile platforms into being.

Just 21% (268 million) of Facebook’s users access the service from desktop-only, and both that percentage and number are falling as Facebook grows, according to new stats from Facebook’s Q1 2014 earnings report this week. Meanwhile Facebook’s mobile-only user count is now at 341 million, or 26.7% of its total userbase, and those figures are quickly climbing. What this means is that if a Facebook feature doesn’t exist on mobile, it’s becoming less and less relevant. Graph Search, suggested events, Friend List and Interest List editing, and bulk News Feed management are few features missing from Facebook mobile. And that’s after Facebook’s VP of corporate development Vaughan Smith said that since the start of 2012, if product was proposed without a mobile version, it was sent back to the drawing board.

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