Faraday Future’s mysterious car might be both a product and a service


We still know next to nothing about Faraday Future, but that might change tomorrow. The electric vehicle company, which could be both a Tesla-killer and an Uber-killer, will be unveiling the concept vehicle it’s spent the last few weeks teasing, one that it claims will require us to “forget everything we know about cars.” The latest such teaser was released yesterday, and though it has a little in the way of actual information as the previous teaser videos, it does seem to suggest that the company’s vehicle will be as much of a service as a product.

In a new video, electric-car company Faraday Future asks what would happen if we could “forget everything we know about cars.” Well, Faraday, that isn’t the easiest task for some of us in this world—you know, the car enthusiasts. And on top of that, the video doesn’t tell us what to replace our knowledge with just yet. We’re still pretty much in the dark about Faraday Future, but that will likely change in a few days. The company aims to reveal its new concept on Jan. 4, just before the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show actually begins. The only thing shown in the above video is the shadow of a vehicle, but the visuals currently released by the company do get better than just an outline. As for throwing what we know about cars out the window (perhaps at 100 mph, if we go by the tone of these promos), the company made some pretty big promises near the end of last year—electric cars, vehicles having the ability to learn about passengers and make decisions based on interests, ride-sharing systems and hints at autonomous driving. With its class of new hires—including Richard Kim from BMW and Nick Sampson from Tesla—and financial leader Jia Yueting, perhaps those promises aren’t too far fetched.

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