Farmer’s Homemade Robots Pour Drinks, Chop Food, Paint, and More



Chinese farmer turned inventor, Wu Yulu, is finally getting some recognition after designing and building homemade robots. Yulu has faced some hardships in his life: a fire that burnt his house to the ground, being splashed by battery acid, and the stress of being heavily in debt.

Yulu is finally getting a break and people are highly intrigued by his new inventions. He has built almost 50 robots which can pour drinks, use lighters to light cigarettes and even paint. He’s even designed one that can help with chopping up food for meals. After working on his creations for nearly 20 years, Yulu’s robots are finally gaining attention.

Yulu’s robots are made from scraps of wires and screws and other things he had lying around. His intention is to build robots that will be able to aid humans in tasks they can’t complete on their own. The robots are crude in design and don’t appear as sleek or modern as some might but Yulu’s focus is on helping people, not appearance.


Yulu is scheduled to appear at the Shanghai World Expo, where visitors will be able to see and experience his robots up close. The expo begins in May 2010 and runs through until October.

[Source: DesignBoom]
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