Find That Special Someone To Love You And Your Mac


cupidtinoI’ll say it right up front, this is just.. awful. Cupidtino is a new website for Apple fanboys and girls to hook up with each other.

A concept that was clearly built upon a bad idea with a bad name that will only lead to bad things, Cupidtino is a dating site that will be purely Apple-based, in Safari on desktops and iPhone and iPad on the go.

I doubt anyone will be looking into any kind of antitrust suit over the fact that this won’t be available on Windows or Android. Launching in June 2010, Cupidtino hopes to bring together smug Mac users who can share their passion for Apple’s product lines.

I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that this site will have a limited novelty factor, soon to disappear into the archives on internet history along with GeoCities and MySpace.

Source: iPhone Saviour

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