Five high-ranking Samsung executives mysteriously leave

For reasons that aren’t entirely clear, five high-ranking executives at Samsung have left or have given notice to leave in the past few months. According to sources speaking with CNET, the mini exodus has occurred in Samsung’s U.S. mobile business with the head of national sales, mobile devices chief, and key strategist for tablet and wearables all having left. 

Samsung has a mini-exodus on its hands. At least five high-ranking executives from Samsung’s US mobile business — known as Samsung Telecommunications America, or STA — have left the company or have given their notice over the past two months, people familiar with the departures told CNET. The departures, including the head of national sales, the mobile devices product chief, and a key strategist for Galaxy tablets and the Gear smartwatch, come less than a year after Gregory Lee took over as president and CEO of Samsung’s US mobile and electronics operations. The moves also follow other turnover in Samsung’s US operations as the company battles Apple in yet another patent-infringement case over key smartphone patents.




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