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Five industries successfully utilizing mobile payment solutions today

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Payment processing is a dynamic field of interest that has taken an evolutionary turn in recent years. Heightened awareness to ever-changing payment solutions has prompted increased competition among a multitude of businesses concerning how to simply and effectively accept credit cards. Luckily, for a vast variety of companies, mobile credit card processing has quickly become the answer to payment quandaries that leave customers satisfied and profits thriving.

Among many options for accepting credit cards, mobile on-the-go card readers are one of the newest and most innovative technologies available to date. The convenience this transportable swiper provides is priceless, not to mention the fulfillment customers will experience when their transactions are processed immediately and the hassle of coin and paper payment is avoided.

In the short time that mobile credit card processing from companies like PayAnywhere has been available, many different types of businesses have taken advantage of the rewards this solution provides. The following are just five of many categories under which mobile POS systems have been found beneficial.


From small diners to big time food retailers, mobile payments have become a popular way of doing business in the restaurant industry. Rather than servers walking back and forth several times in order to process a payment and receive tips, mobile credit card readers make paying the bill a one-stop portion of the meal – the way it should be.

Restaurateurs can rest easy when payments are accepted with credit card machines hooked to wireless devices. Not only are transactions secure, but tips can be added with ease. Along with credit card payments, many mobile credit card processors also have applications that allow for check and cash payments as well.

When those in the food industry choose to make the switch to mobile credit card processing they choose to move their business into the future.


Mobile businesses

On-the-go businesses require flexible payment systems that can satisfy the needs of customers who wish to pay with credit for the service or product the business is promoting. Whether it is a mobile doggie grooming salon, or a professional spa/salon to go, companies on wheels have been desperate for a wireless credit card machine that will further profits and generate new clientele interest.

Ever since its invention, mobile credit card processing has helped skyrocket mobile business enterprises nationwide and will continue to do so as more companies jump on the bandwagon.



One of the most susceptive businesses to pick up on the mobile credit card reader trend is transportation services. Vans, cars and buses of all kinds have begun to utilize mobile payment solutions in an effort to offer their customers more options when taking a ride.

From taxis to airport shuttle operations, mobile credit card processors are all the rage. Not only do drivers “wow” their customers with the option to forgo cash payment, but they present an efficient and responsible way for their riders to get from point A to point B.

Many Americans have tested mobile credit processing, and an overwhelming amount of positive feedback foretells that more of the country will likely jump on board. Utah and Pennsylvania are just two of several states that have experienced success when it comes to offering citizens a new way to pay.


Home party industry

The home party industry has long been craving a solution to its problematic payment system. For years, companies such as Origami Owl have needed a faster and more efficient way for customers to make payments other than cash. Asking customers to scribble down credit card information or a to write a handwritten check not only is inconvenient, but must go through a lengthy processing procedure.

Instant gratification is the name of the game when it comes to home party gigs, and consultants are snatching up mobile credit card processing devices whenever given the opportunity. Customers can relax knowing their payments have not only been received and processed, and their hands won’t have to furiously fill out form after form anymore in order to get that perfect necklace or lipstick!


Delivery services

Pizzas and flowers may not have a lot in common, but both conveniently deliver to customers at home. Delivery services from baked goods to gift baskets have been relying on mobile credit card payments in order to operate business professionally and competitively.

It can be a hassle to give credit information over the phone and then have to sign and tip later. With mobile credit card processing, everything is taken care of with one easy swipe and signature.

With a convenience-based service such as delivery, it only makes sense to incorporate a swift payment process as well.


Bottom line

Mobile credit card processing is the new form of payment acceptance and has garnered a lot of momentum and acclaim in recent history. As the industry continues to develop, virtually every type of consumer-related business will be able to incorporate on-the-go credit card readers into their daily operations in order to secure faster, more accurate payments and an unmatched level of customer satisfaction.

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