Flexiant acquires the Tapp multi-cloud management business from Besol

Cloud management software provider Flexiant said Wednesday that the company has purchased the Tapp multi-cloud management business from Besol, a Spanish cloud software developer, for an undisclosed sum. The move will see Flexiant consolidate its cloud management tenchologies and focus on the telco and managed service provider markets.

The London-based cloud orchestration outfit Flexiant has acquired the Tapp business of Spain’s Besol for an undisclosed cash-and-shares amount, giving it a big boost in multi-cloud management that it hopes will further endear it to managed service providers (MSPs). Tapp is a RightScale competitor of sorts, and its cloud brokerage system gives Flexiant something that can manage the services of infrastructure providers and orchestrators from Amazon EC2 to OpenStack to VMware to, well, Flexiant. “We’ve been looking at this for 18 months now. We looked at number of vendors in this area to acquire,” Flexiant CEO George Knox told me ahead of Wednesday’s announcement. “It’s well-recognized, mature technology – it would have taken us probably at least 2 years to build this.”

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