Flipkart’s new service allows customers to store card details for online transactions


Flipkart’s payment solutions subsidiary, Flipkart Payment Gateway Services, has launched the customer version of its payment gateway PayZippy.  This service will allow online consumers to store their card information and use it for making online payments on merchant sites. Consumers will then not have to enter card information across sites each time they make an online purchase. Flipkart had launched the gateway for merchants and mobile sites in July. 

Flipkart, the e-commerce firm frequently labelled ‘India’s Amazon’, has pushed its presence out into payments after it unveiled a consumer version of PayZippy, the payment solution that it initially launched for merchants in July. The service is essentially an online wallet which users add details of credit cards and other payment methods to for easier shopping — Flipkart rather ambiguously says PayZippy reduces the time taken buying online by 50 percent.

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