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Forget about 4K smartphones, Samsung is working on an 11K device

Man, here we are waiting for the first affordable 4K smartphone to come out and it looks like Samsung is already working on an 11K smartphone. While this is just a rumor, Samsung is apparently working with a dozen other companies to develop an 11K smartphone screen with a eye-searing 2250 PPI. 

If you think the screen on your Galaxy S6 is sharp, think again. One rumor — and we stress the word “rumor” here — suggests that Samsung has teamed up with a dozen other companies with the goal of creating an 11K display with 2250 pixels per inch. The site,, doesn’t specifically say the screen is meant for smartphones, but an 11K display with that kind of pixel density has to be small. The benefit of such a screen might help with 3D images, suggested. Samsung is reportedly working to have the display finished by 2018 so that it can show it off during the 2018 Olympic Games in PyeongChang, South Korea. The timing suggests this isn’t something that’s going to be mass manufactured anytime soon. After all, we’re still waiting for 4K displays to hit smartphones, too.

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