Former Sony employees are suing the company over the recent hack


Sony’s month from hell just got even worse, following a new class action lawsuit that accuses the company of poor security practices and seeks compensation for more than 15,000 current and former employees that have had their personal information published by hackers. “An epic nightmare, much better suited to a cinematic thriller than to real life, is unfolding in slow motion for Sony’s current and former employees,” says the suit, which was filed on Monday in Los Angeles federal court.

Two former employees claim the company didn’t do enough to protect their personal information. The ongoing fallout from last month’s cyber attack at Sony Pictures Entertainment continues this week as two former employees are suing the company after their personal information was exposed as part of the high-profile hack. Michael Corona and Christina Mathis haven’t worked for Sony Pictures for years, but the former employees both claim that their sensitive personal information — including their names, Social Security numbers, former addresses and other info — was made public in the past month due to “security weaknesses in Sony’s Network.” That’s according to a lawsuit the two filed on Monday in California federal court in which they claim Sony Pictures failed in its legal duty to protect the personal information of current and former employees affected by the hack.

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