Foursquare and MoMA team up for a NYC scavenger hunt



The Museum of Modern Art currently has exhibitions for Henri Labrouste and Le Corbusier, two architects that had a huge influence on global architecture. Exciting stuff right? But MoMA is doing something unique, something that has probably never been done before with social media.

MoMA has partnered up with Foursquare to launch a NYC architecture scavenger hunt to help promote the two exhibits and the beautiful architecture that makes up New York from the Upper East Side to Battery Park.

The Foursquare scavenger hunt is set up to find iconic modernist architectural sites all over New York City. From June 17 to July 31, MoMA will post clues about the featured architecture locations via Facebook and Twitter. You can easily check the cheat sheet located on the MoMA website, but where’s the fun in that?!

When you check into these locations, participants will earn a $5 discount off of an admission ticket for MoMA (Limited to one discount per ticket).

MoMA has created special Foursquare check-in locations at 21 unique architectural sites that are landmarks of modern architecture all over Manhattan for the scavenger hunt. Some of the sites include Grand Central Station, the Williamsburg Bridge, the Civic Center Synagogue, and many other iconic, but not so well known buildings hidden on Manhattan. The list is a little more partial to Le Corbusier than Henri Labrouste, but this is such a fun way to celebrate and promote NYC’s modern architecture for both MoMA and social media. Once you are checked in at one of the locations, you get a little note about the landmark.

Let’s hope that this starts to pick up in other cities around the U.S. and around the world. It is certainly an interesting way for people to discover a city and its unique architecture that can easily go unnoticed while speed walking through the labyrinth that is Manhattan. It will also be a great way for social media agencies to advertise client brand promotions!

Maybe there should be a scavenger hunt in San Francisco with findings like the Transamerica Pyramid and Lombard Street—the options are endless. Cities and museums all over the world can have a lot of fun with this scavenger hunt idea, and make architecture fun in this digital age with the power of social media.

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