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From the Department of Things That Don’t Need To Exist: Keyboard Shoes

keyboard shoe

keyboard shoe

Yo, dawg. I heard you like Twitter, so I installed a keyboard in your shoe, so you can tweet while you walk.

Seriously, not much is known about this shoe, beyond that it exists. An exercise in geek chic (oh man, exercise… pun totally not intended, but welcome), the keyboard is almost certainly non-functional, and just a hip sole design. And yes, it would probably be unwise to stick a keyboard on the underside of one’s footwear anyway. But imagine if you could get good at it, or something? Like, sure, you’d be walking like a tap-dancing zombie, but if you live in a highly populated urban center, you won’t stand out any worse than the crazy yelling homeless guy with all the rats, and besides – you can just show ’em your shoe and make them instantly understand how cool you are. And your hands would be free to, like… have a puppet show. Give a high five. Eat. You’ve got to eat.

UPDATE: Thanks to Techi reader Dave Larkin, we have received a pair of these shoes, which, in fact, DO contain a working, rubberized USB keyboard in each sole. Give me one second to put these on, and we’ll make blog history, folks.

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All skills worth learning take practice, right? Give me a week. This’ll be awesome.

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