Future Battlefield 4 DLCs will be halted until EA manages to fix the game

Ever since it was first released Battlefield 4 has been plagued with innumerable bugs and crashes. While this is to be expected for the first week or so after a game is released, Battlefield 4 has been out for over a month and is still as buggy as it was at launch. In order to focus all of its resources on fixing the issues that plague the game, EA has decided to halt all future DLCs for the game until it has been fully repaired.

We have been hearing reports of how buggy EA’s Battlefield 4 is, to the extent where EA’s VP actually admitted it himself while vowing to ensure that future EA games will be thoroughly tested to ensure the best experience possible. Well the good news is that EA appears to be taking these bugs pretty seriously as they have released a statement to the folks at Kotaku, claiming that future Battlefield 4 DLCs will not be released until they have sorted out the issues that they are having with the game first.

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