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Console Gaming vs Mobile Console Gaming vs Mobile

Game consoles vs. mobile devices: Is console gaming on life support?

Console Gaming vs Mobile

Some are already chiseling RIP on a tombstone for consoles, but in reality mobile devices aren’t yet ready to seriously compete with consoles.

Here’s why.


There’s no physical controller for mobile games

Sure, touchscreens are fine for catapulting mad birds into incredibly mean pigs, but when you try a first person shooter game on a mobile device, the experience is markedly lackluster in comparison to consoles.


Small screens are limiting

Obviously, playing games on your smartphone can never replace the experience of conquering Middle Earth or annihilating zombies on a 52-inch television screen. Sorry, but a 4 inch screen just isn’t the same.


Console worthy graphics are light years away from mobile devices

Gamers want a realistic looking enemy to conquer, stunning views to frame their fight sequences, and beautiful princesses worth saving from evil monsters. Consoles have extremely powerful dedicated graphics cards, while mobile devices share integrated graphics with the multi-core processors. The graphics for mobile just aren’t there yet.


Mobile offers few multiplayer games, even fewer good ones

Multiplayer games require a high degree of interaction, including chat features, voice, and video, which aren’t available on multiplayer mobile games. There is a very limited supply of mobile multiplayer games, and none that offer the interactive experience of consoles.


Mobile lacks mass storage capabilities

Sure, you can have a few games on your mobile device, but with a console you can have hundreds of lengthy games with full-featured audio, video, and more. Also, these games load faster. It’s impossible to get the rich variety of games available for consoles on a mobile device.


Mobile can’t compare with console speeds

Console games move faster than the eye can detect. Mobile devices, even with a good Internet connection, can’t compete. Also, very few people get good enough connectivity for a really great high-speed mobile game.


Mobile lacks the audio experience

Second only to video, sound is a huge part of enjoying gaming. A mobile device simply can’t offer the full-bodied sound you can get with the speakers and amp on your TV. Even ordinary televisions have better sound than most smartphones, but if you add audio components, the playing experience is surreal.


Mobile isn’t good for long term playing

Not only are mobile devices less comfortable to play for hours on end, most smartphone batteries won’t support this long-playing experience, unless you sit plugged into a wall somewhere. For gamers who are willing to spend 20+ hours achieving a new level, mobile devices won’t cut it and it’s simply not comfortable to be hunched over, staring a tiny screen for hours on end.


Mobile doesn’t let you sit back to play

Ever noticed how you have to hunch over a mobile device to play a game? Isn’t it much better to recline back on the couch or easy chair? Yeah, mobile devices aren’t comfortable to play for long periods of time, and could lead to Hunchback of Notre Dame syndrome. Of course that’s a real disorder.

So, before you set that headstone and start tossing in shovels of dirt, check the pulse again. Mobile devices are still the perfect devices for playing on Spin Palace, but it’s best to leave the heavy lifting to consoles.¬†Console gaming is still alive and well, and not even on life support yet. Mobile devices will, eventually, take over the gaming industry. But that day isn’t here yet.

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Image via Flickr by Will Merydith.

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Keep Up to Date with the Most Important News

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