Game of Thrones as told by Peter Falk to Fred Savage


Game of Thrones The Princess Bride

“I brought you a special present,” Peter Falk tells a tiny Fred Savage.

There haven’t been many shows that have as passionate of a fan base as Game of Thrones. With season 3 coming in two weeks, the promos, speculation, and anticipation have been almost as annoying as the weeks leading up to an Apple product release. Almost.

Here’s an exception. Those who have seen The Princess Bride know that the whimsical tale of love, honor, revenge, and a prince named Humperdinck is actually two stories – one of the Princess and her long lost Prince, and one of a grandfather and grandson bonding around the telling of the story. The video below fits in a little too well for comfort as the evil prince is replaced by Joffrey Baratheon and the tales of torture and evil are a little more than a 9-year-old should see. Nevertheless, the end result is pretty fun to watch, especially for fans of both the HBO show and the 80s movie.



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