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Gamer Plays Baseball For an Hour, Wins a Million Dollars



Wade McGilberry is laughing all the way to the bank after winning a million dollars to play a video game. Or, rather, not play it, depending on how you look at it.

Developer 2K Sports had offered up a million dollars to the first player who could pitch a perfect game – that is, not allow a single player to make it even to first base – in their latest baseball offering, Major League Baseball 2K10.

Upon hearing about the contest, McGilberry’s wife told him to gun it. “She told me, if I was going to be serious about this, that I should stay home [from work] and play the game. I decided to go to work anyway.”

Apparently, it didn’t matter. That same day, after work, it only took Wade 90 minutes to pitch a perfect game and grab the million-dollar prize. He only restarted five times.

Now, either McGilberry’s an absolute baseball fiend, or 2K Sports isn’t making difficult enough games. Either way, McGilberry has just become one of the highest-paid gamers in pro gaming history, in the shortest amount of time.

Party on, Wade.

[Via CNN]

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