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Gemini Israel Ventures led a $3.3 million initial financing round in Implisit

Gemini Israel Ventures led a $3.3 million initial financing round in Implisit, a company that provides a SaaS based product for boosting sales and improving the productivity of sales teams.  Rotem Eldar, Partner at Gemini, joins the company’s board of directors following the round. Implisit has developed a product that introduces a unique intelligence layer to plain vanilla Customer Relationship Management systems. 

Implisit has raised $3.3 million from Gemini Israel Ventures for its self-learning platform that mines CRM data to help sales people close more deals and cut manual data entry. The service connects email, calendars and the contact information in the CRM platform, said Co-Founder Gilad Raichshtain. It offers follow-up steps for a prospective deal, the best approach and other intelligence. Over time, the service adapts to the business processes, updating the intelligence as the users go about their daily work. When a new customer joins Implisit, the service analyzes its historical sales data (both communications and their historical CRM data) to determine the customer’s specific sales patterns. From this, the engine creates tailor-made insights that fit the customer’s processes.

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