GetGlue plans to merge with Viggle making it #1 for social TV


GetGlue plans to merge Viggle

I know so many people who check-in to the GetGlue mobile app, an app that allows you to share with social networks on what entertainment activity you are doing in real-time. Therefore providing a hub where you can socialize and talk about TV shows, movies, music and other shared interests without causing spoiler alerts, all the while reaping rewards and stickers for your participation.

Today, GetGlue announced that they plan to merge with Viggle, who has focused on rewarding loyalty as well for viewership and provides second screen experiences through ViggleLIVE and MyGuy. This combination will thrust GetGlue as the #1 app for Social TV since the users will now be a whopping 4.5 million registered. The two companies plan to merge in the New Year, making for anticipation to see what is next for Social TV in 2013.

[image via hipgenius]
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