Glasses that turn 3D movies back to 2D


Glasses that turn 3D movies back to 2D

Are you so sick and tired of every movie coming out in 3D, it is almost too much overkill, as much as the remakes that are happening in Hollywood.

Therefore, in order for you to watch a film you would have enjoyed in 2D you have to pay extra for those flimsy color tainted glasses so you can hang with friends. Instead of saying no and skipping the movie altogether, there is an alternative to your 3D blues.

These 2D glasses will not only make a hipster look cool like when they were cool the first time around but will also take the 3D out of 3D movies and allow you to watch the film as if no special effects were applied, saving you a few bucks too every time you go to the movies. Plus, don’t they have a Clarke Kent look to them?

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