Good news guys, a mass murder simulator is coming to Android!

People are always playing these weird games that simulate boring stuff like driving a truck across Europe or roaming around a small town as a goat, but where are all the simulator games about fun stuff like mass murder? For all of you people who want the experience of mass murder without having to do all the actual work involved, a “mass murderer simulator” known as Party Hard is making its way to Android soon.

Simulators are all the rage these days. There are simulators for driving fork lifts, mowing lawns, performing surgery, and even being a goat. A new game coming to Android is being called a “mass murderer simulator.” It’s called “Party Hard,” and it’s all about stopping your neighbors from having a loud party. Here’s the plot: it’s 3 AM and your neighbors are being loud. Your job is to stealthily take them out one by one without being caught. This can be done in a number of different ways. You can be sloppy and start stabbing people, or try to set up the deaths to look like accidents. Blend in to the party and try not to kill all the guests without getting caught. Don’t worry, the graphics aren’t too…graphic. Party Hard uses the popular 8-bit style graphics and a Clue-like top-down view of the environment. The premise is a little morbid, but it seems like a fun game. Party Hard will be coming to Android soon.

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