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Good news guys, Windows 93 has been released!

It’s only 22-years late but Windows 93 has finally arrived. The first version of this browser-based operating system was released back in October bit the creator took to Reddit earlier this week to announce that the final version had been complete. This totally unstable, bug-riddled, porn-laced, acid trip like mess of an operating system is truly, truly a work of art. 

It’s 2015, but Windo​ws 93 is finally ready. Your new favorite operating system is here and it’s weird as hell. The browser-based OS makes us thirst for what could’ve been if Microsoft didn’t skip between Windows 3.X and Windows 95. The fully clickable “OS” greets users with the Playstation 1 bootup sound signaling they’re about the trip into an alternate universe. The first version of Windows 93 went up in Oct​ober, but its creator posted o​n Reddit last night that it’s finally complete. True to its origin, it did crash a few times. Good luck forgetting the Hampster Dance song again. Hidden in the Demos folder in the Programs tab, the internet’s first viral fad is there in all of its GIF glory, complete with a loop of its headache-inducing keyboard music.

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