Goodwell seeks crowdfunding for its smart toothbrush

There are different types of toothbrushes out there. Some are just your standard fare, and some are little more ergonomic which promises to clean those hard to reach places, in between your teeth, and whatnot. There are also those electric toothbrushes which supposedly does a better and more efficient job.

A smart toothbrush isn’t exactly a novel idea but an open-source one could be, especially if it’s also eco-friendly. A new crowd-funding campaign on CrowdSupply is attempting to raise enough money to put the Goodwell toothbrush into production. Goodwell isn’t made of plastic but rather aluminium and bamboo composite. It seems one of the original goals for such a toothbrush was to eliminate the 12 pounds of plastic each person throws away in their lifetime (after totaling up the amount of used toothbrushes that are tossed out).

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